it’s all happening

i know i’m not alone here when i say i’m obsessed with horoscopes. i have an app downloaded on my phone and check it daily. (download dailyhoroscope. it’ll rock your world)  a few months ago, i had one that was like it was written by my conscious.

it basically said,

“you are not happy with the way things are going right now. Whether you are unhappy with work, or a relationship, or finances, something is causing chaos in your life. It probably seems as though your life has been full of turmoil as of late, and it is time to allow your creative side to shine. Why not take the plunge on an new endeavor? Your new found creative outlet will allow for much more satisfaction in your day to day. You never know where it may take you.”

seriously? i cannot even begin to express how spot on this was for me. and it came at probably, the best time. and i know, i know…don’t believe everything you read on the internet. i mean, wikipedia can be changed and updated by THAT guy over there. and he probably writes these horoscopes too…

but, i couldn’t stop thinking about this. you know how when there’s been something that’s been on your mind, like back in the depths of your brain. and you’re trying pretty hard to not acknowledge it because you’re always like “i don’t know if i should,” or, “i don’t have time,” ( <– that one probably sucks the most) but then all of the sudden…BAM…some type of sign falls into your lap like, “helllooooo! this is what you need to do/change/see, etc.” well, this was mine.

that horoscope brought me here. welcome to the world, the skinny ginger. happy blog birthday, babe.

so here we go. like the beatiful penny lane says in Almost Famous, “it’s all happening…” if i can possibly make someone smile one day, give a little inspiration, maybe take a cool photo here and there, and just be me then i’m stoked.

stay tuned.


love x

skinny ginger