breaky with the skinny ginger

soo, i’m not feeling too hot today. literally and figuratively — it’s raining in southern california for the first time in ages and apparently it’s taken a toll on my mood too. awesome.

but there’s still nothing that makes me feel quite like myself like a serious breakfast. it’s a known fact that women who eat breakfast weigh less than those who don’t. eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism and can assist in curbing cravings for sugary breakfast food and snacks throughout the day. it also feeds your brain and helps you stay focused first thing in the morning.

the below are three of my go-to breakfast ideas. not only are these vegan, but they’re EASY-sleazy, budget friendly, and perf for those babes on a serious time crunch in the mornings. (sorry bey, we don’t all wake up like dis)



número uno…oatmeal and fruit. this is a no brainer and no explanation needed with this. it takes literally 1.5 minutes to warm these suckers up. oatmeal is a fantastic way to satisfy early morning hunger and will keep you full for awhile. pay attention to the serving sizes, though. aint nobody got time to overload on carbs first thing in the AM. just grab whatever kind of fruit that tickles your taste buds and toss em on top. grab a hot coffee and away you go!



número dos…potato breakfast “scramble”. this came to life one morning when everyone else was eating eggs and i was sort of S.O.L on the lone vegan train. however, the only issue with this scrumptious bowl is that i could probably only make this if i prepped the night before, or on weekends. and let’s face it, the night before im not only busy with dinner but im busy drinking wine. you can use basically any veggie in your fridge that compliments each other and chuck it on top of quartered potatoes and you’re set. here, i minced jalepeno, onion, green pepper, mushrooms and added a ground beef meat substitute, heated up some baby potatoes and chopped them into quarters and topped with cholula and ground cayenne pepper. I like heat, remember? i haven’t really fussed about with many substitutes since my cheese fiasco, EW. but this ground beef sub from trader joes (aka holy grocery grail) is



last but not least is seriously the most simple idea ever in life and comes up ALL over vegan blogs. mashed avocado on toast and a strawberry banana smoothie. UM YUM. actually, this was my post workout, attempt at a pick-me-up meal this morning. i use ezekiel bread like most health enthused people do, toasted, and mash half an avo. the warmth from the toasted bread will help it spread into amazingness. you could top it with hummus or tomato, or peppers or zucchini,even lettuce or sprouts if you’re looking for a lunch fix. and for the smoothie? organic strawberries, organic bananas some organic OJ and almond milk for creaminess, and bam. donezo.

what are you’re favorite comfort foods when you’re feeling not-so-fab? how do you get your breaky game on? details please.

love x,
skinny ginger


PS. you should know, i am soo appreciative of you reading my blabbering. thank you, thank you, thank you xxx


working it out.

im having a bit of trouble writing this particular blog…mainly because i have totally fallen off the work out wagon, and most importantly because i’m eating an oreo.

currently lacking: motivation ~ currently needing: motivation ~ but, i’m making the change.

photo (1)

i’m a huge fitness nut, and obsess over that high you get from a solid work out. however, i haven’t done a thing in about a month and i am going. freaking. bonkers. i’ve simply lost all motivation to get my butt in gear. i just typed out a list of “reasons” why i haven’t been going but deleted them because they’re not reasons, they’re excuses. without a work out, i’m just not me.

lets talk facts–

every dietitian/trainer/health enthusiast will suggest that an adult get a least 30 minutes of activity in a day. we live such a sedentary lifestyle by working 9-5 behind a desk or a computer. we interact in such a different way with things like Skype, “live” video games, FaceTime, iChat, facebook (aka the devil), even blogs all which allow people to communicate with others without having to use one bit of energy. and what do we have now? and influx of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a higher death rate due to such. but gym’s are expensive and taunting to those who have never joined. not to mention “finding the time” to fit in a work out. do those excuses sound like someone you know, or even you? it might, because those reasons are two of the top “reasons” why people just don’t work out. but you have thirty minutes to scroll aimlessly through your facebook; thirty minutes to snap a selfie in perfect lighting for “likes” from people you’ll never know; thirty minutes to drive through mcdonalds for another hit of useless, empty calories. so why not take those thirty minutes, and use them to your advantage.

need some motivation? check it….here are some solid benefits from a work out.

(disclaimer: i am NOT a certified dietitian, or health and fitness coach. the below are simply examples to help motivate)

1. energy boost – this may seem strange, but it’s true. increasing your endurance, lung and cardiovascular capacity, and strength all have a direct positive correlation to energy. i promise you, even a walk around your block a few times a week will leave you feeling satisfied

2. increase in mood –  i mentioned loving the “high” from a work out above, and it’s true. exercise stimulates chemicals within your brain called endorphines  which makes you feel happy. it also stimulates areas of the brain that are used for memory which in turn, releases a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This basically helps rewire your brain so it WORKS BETTER. feeling foggy? yeah, go run.

3. increase in libido – exercise. see results. feel happy, confident, sexy. boom. thank me later.

4. weight control (no brainer) and helps ward off disease – i shouldn’t even have to give any examples with this one. the healthier (diet and exercise) you are, the less bod issues you’re going to have. period.

5. sleep and stress levels – this falls under the same category, especially for me. your body will crave recovery, which happens during sleep. additionally, the mood increase will decrease your stress level, thus, aiding in “turning off your head” when finally getting into bed for the night. not having my mind race at 2am? sold. this was huge for me. i struggled with sleep issues (staying asleep) for about two years until i started running and working out consistently. the relief didn’t happen over night, but i did notice a change in feeling more refreshed in a short while.

6. it’s fun – feeling lonely or bored? join a boot camp, sign up for pilates, yoga, or some type of group training.

so, all that said…i’m going to stop eating my oreos (later hypocrite) and lay out clothes for tomorrow’s work out. got any ideas to stay motivated with work outs? love to hear them, totes need them… thanks for your thirty minutes (ha) happy training, ya’ll

love x,

skinny ginger

thankful for potatoes.

so now that thanksgiving is over, i feel very compelled to share the struggle from yesterday. and i don’t just mean with family. after all, holidays aren’t complete without a little fam drama, #amiright

no, the struggle was with the food. and the struggle is real.

my previous post (check it here) talked just briefly about my serious pains with eating vegan. not that the food i create and recipes i’ve found don’t blow me away with their flavor, but the pure animal-esq cravings for…well…animals. especially cheese.

i recently tried a cheese substitute in a mashed black bean + sweet potato quesadilla and it was SO GROSS. and made me sad. and please, if anyone has any ideas on how to stomach this “cheese” do tell. i want to love it, i really do. but i couldn’t. and don’t know how i can make it work. it turns into this weird, oily…substance and it’s literally making me curl my lip in disgust right now. and it made me miss the real deal, badly.

fast forward to last night and cooking in a kitchen full of non-vegans. it’s a full on traditional feast: turkey, a flat chicken, stuffing, pumpkin pie, fresh bread and mashed potatoes oh. my. i didn’t realize just how much i was craving animal products until it was all being put on the table with its smells of garlic and sweet sweet deliciousness. i literally was standing by the stove with my hands to my mouth trying to contain my salivating. all of the sudden my roasted rosemary potatoes (recipe below. SO EASY) and Brussels sprouts just weren’t cutting it for me.

but again, i stayed strong. and filled my plate with potatoes, sprouts, a green bean and walnut mixture, and stuffing that my lovely mother worked on substituting all animal products with veggie stock, olive oil, salt etc. and it was all amazing.

it wasn’t until today i was totally absorbed in my craving for dairy cheese, that when responding to a question, i very casually and totally absent minded answered “what about all the pizza?”. i was talking about BEER. sigh. then to come back to my apartment and unpack this heaping bag full of left overs did i start to realize just how freaking awesome everything seemed like it tasted last night and was thrown back into the depths of cravings.

i’ve hit the month marker on this way of eating, to which i was under the impression that cravings for animal products would have long subsided. please, advice? and also, about the “cheese” — i don’t think the whole logic of trying something fifteen times in order to change your palette is going to work for me. i just can’t and its serious.

all for now, i’m currently over cooking pasta.

love x

skinny ginger


the skinny ginger’s deliciously effortless roasted rosemary potatoes

prep time: 5 basic minutes

cook time: breezy 50ish minutes

yield: approx 4 individuals with good taste
super simple ingredients:

6-7 medium sized red potatoes
3 tbsp olive oil
1/4 tsp sea salt
1/4 black pepper
1 1/2 tbsp fresh rosemary (see note below)
2 cloves garlic, minced
super easy instructions:
preheat oven to 400 degrees
scrub potatoes
cut potatoes in quarters
 photo 3
add all ingredients in a large bowl and mix until potatoes are lightly covered with olive oil.
photo 2
place potatoes on a baking pan and bake for approximately 25 minutes.
remove potatoes and gently turn the potatoes over as needed and continue baking for another 25 minutes, or until the potatoes are cooked to your liking.
photo 1
remove, and enjoy!

a little food with thought

i’ve gone on and off of eating clean, a vegan diet, vegetarian diet, and a pizza diet.

but it wasn’t until recently, i watched a doco on netflix called “Vegucation” that completely changed my tune on food. so much so that i wanted to give a vegan diet a go. and so, the very next day, i did.

it’s been about a month now that i’ve had absolutely no animal products. i live in san diego, which means ample quality mexican food practically on every corner. special shout out to Alberts and Taco Fiesta, both which have fueled many late nights/early mornings, and cured countless hangovers. and on top of that, i live around the corner from a pizza joint where you can get an amazeballz pizza for freaking $7. awesome, i know…

my point? it’s been rough.

last night, after a particularly exhausting week, i was hungry. and i wanted pizza. immediately. i was in the middle of a full on war between my conscious and my stomach over picking up my phone, and calling an order in. but in the end, my conscious won. what would be the point of following this diet for this long, just to give in to a little weakness?

i got home and cooked. and so came this little piece of vegan heaven:

i don’t measure anything. which sometimes fails, but i’m no culinary master. in fact, i burnt the quinoa in my haste.

my rendition of a southwest stuffed pepper:

1 green pepper

1 can organic black beans

1 ear of organic corn

1 onion, diced

jalepenos (i dig spice. the hotter the better. but we’ll say this is optional)

extra virgin olive oil

cayenne pepper (see jalepenos)

meatless ground beef (Trader Joes brand, which rules because it’s precooked and tastes just swell)

1/2 of avocado

heat oven to 450 degrees

cut peppers in half horizontally (so many options with this, but just how i like it) and drizzle with EVOO, lightlyyy. turn peppers upside down and bake while you’re preparing the “stuffing”

prepare quinoa as stated on package – i prefer the white quinoa, but to each their own

add black beans – note* if you are using canned black beans, be sure to rinse before adding to your meal. cans hold SO much unnecessary salt and aint no body got time for that.

prepare corn – see note above about canned corn kernels

dice jalepenos

sautee onion in a bit of olive oil to your liking, or remove all together.

throw everything together in a bowl and mix. i sprinkle on cayenne pepper over it all and stir as i mix. once the quinoa is cooked through, add it to the bean/corn/spicy goodness.

remove the peppers from the oven (for softer peppers add more time. i prefer a little crunch) and just spoon that mixture into the pepper. garnish plate with avo slivers, sprinkle with a little more cayenne pepper if you’re feeling extra spicy, and enjoy.

it’s literally so simple. if you don’t burn the quinoa like i did and have to re-do, you’ll be feasting in like 20 minutes FLAT. sip on a corona lite, and you’re good to go. and to top it all off? your body will thank you for not pumping useless carbs and calories into your stream. buh-bye muffin top!

no animal products, no guilty conscious, no problem. happy eating!

love x

skinny ginger

PS – have your own rendition on this tasty little morsel? do tell!!

it’s all happening

i know i’m not alone here when i say i’m obsessed with horoscopes. i have an app downloaded on my phone and check it daily. (download dailyhoroscope. it’ll rock your world)  a few months ago, i had one that was like it was written by my conscious.

it basically said,

“you are not happy with the way things are going right now. Whether you are unhappy with work, or a relationship, or finances, something is causing chaos in your life. It probably seems as though your life has been full of turmoil as of late, and it is time to allow your creative side to shine. Why not take the plunge on an new endeavor? Your new found creative outlet will allow for much more satisfaction in your day to day. You never know where it may take you.”

seriously? i cannot even begin to express how spot on this was for me. and it came at probably, the best time. and i know, i know…don’t believe everything you read on the internet. i mean, wikipedia can be changed and updated by THAT guy over there. and he probably writes these horoscopes too…

but, i couldn’t stop thinking about this. you know how when there’s been something that’s been on your mind, like back in the depths of your brain. and you’re trying pretty hard to not acknowledge it because you’re always like “i don’t know if i should,” or, “i don’t have time,” ( <– that one probably sucks the most) but then all of the sudden…BAM…some type of sign falls into your lap like, “helllooooo! this is what you need to do/change/see, etc.” well, this was mine.

that horoscope brought me here. welcome to the world, the skinny ginger. happy blog birthday, babe.

so here we go. like the beatiful penny lane says in Almost Famous, “it’s all happening…” if i can possibly make someone smile one day, give a little inspiration, maybe take a cool photo here and there, and just be me then i’m stoked.

stay tuned.


love x

skinny ginger