working it out.

im having a bit of trouble writing this particular blog…mainly because i have totally fallen off the work out wagon, and most importantly because i’m eating an oreo.

currently lacking: motivation ~ currently needing: motivation ~ but, i’m making the change.

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i’m a huge fitness nut, and obsess over that high you get from a solid work out. however, i haven’t done a thing in about a month and i am going. freaking. bonkers. i’ve simply lost all motivation to get my butt in gear. i just typed out a list of “reasons” why i haven’t been going but deleted them because they’re not reasons, they’re excuses. without a work out, i’m just not me.

lets talk facts–

every dietitian/trainer/health enthusiast will suggest that an adult get a least 30 minutes of activity in a day. we live such a sedentary lifestyle by working 9-5 behind a desk or a computer. we interact in such a different way with things like Skype, “live” video games, FaceTime, iChat, facebook (aka the devil), even blogs all which allow people to communicate with others without having to use one bit of energy. and what do we have now? and influx of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a higher death rate due to such. but gym’s are expensive and taunting to those who have never joined. not to mention “finding the time” to fit in a work out. do those excuses sound like someone you know, or even you? it might, because those reasons are two of the top “reasons” why people just don’t work out. but you have thirty minutes to scroll aimlessly through your facebook; thirty minutes to snap a selfie in perfect lighting for “likes” from people you’ll never know; thirty minutes to drive through mcdonalds for another hit of useless, empty calories. so why not take those thirty minutes, and use them to your advantage.

need some motivation? check it….here are some solid benefits from a work out.

(disclaimer: i am NOT a certified dietitian, or health and fitness coach. the below are simply examples to help motivate)

1. energy boost – this may seem strange, but it’s true. increasing your endurance, lung and cardiovascular capacity, and strength all have a direct positive correlation to energy. i promise you, even a walk around your block a few times a week will leave you feeling satisfied

2. increase in mood –  i mentioned loving the “high” from a work out above, and it’s true. exercise stimulates chemicals within your brain called endorphines  which makes you feel happy. it also stimulates areas of the brain that are used for memory which in turn, releases a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This basically helps rewire your brain so it WORKS BETTER. feeling foggy? yeah, go run.

3. increase in libido – exercise. see results. feel happy, confident, sexy. boom. thank me later.

4. weight control (no brainer) and helps ward off disease – i shouldn’t even have to give any examples with this one. the healthier (diet and exercise) you are, the less bod issues you’re going to have. period.

5. sleep and stress levels – this falls under the same category, especially for me. your body will crave recovery, which happens during sleep. additionally, the mood increase will decrease your stress level, thus, aiding in “turning off your head” when finally getting into bed for the night. not having my mind race at 2am? sold. this was huge for me. i struggled with sleep issues (staying asleep) for about two years until i started running and working out consistently. the relief didn’t happen over night, but i did notice a change in feeling more refreshed in a short while.

6. it’s fun – feeling lonely or bored? join a boot camp, sign up for pilates, yoga, or some type of group training.

so, all that said…i’m going to stop eating my oreos (later hypocrite) and lay out clothes for tomorrow’s work out. got any ideas to stay motivated with work outs? love to hear them, totes need them… thanks for your thirty minutes (ha) happy training, ya’ll

love x,

skinny ginger


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