im trying to type something up while looking in the oven every five seconds. i dropped five sprouts to the very bottom of the oven while it was piping hot and i am now terrified that they’ve burst in huge brussel flames. like, im going to open it in a few hours and 100 foot flames are going to leap from the depths of the stupid oven.

overreacting? never!

brussel sprout candle lit dinner, party of one.

photo (4)

for brussel sprouts — heat oven to 400 degrees, cut off the stems of sprouts and cut in half if they’re huge. drizzle some olive oil all over so each are lightly coated, sprinkle some sea salt and pepper and cayenne pepper if you like spicy, or lemon if you’d like refreshing… if desired. spread sprouts over baking pan and cook for approx 30 min, or until crispy. enjoy!!

anyway. holidays mean work has been a whirlwind of sugary treats and stress since early november. and like any girl/human, free food is the best food. get out of my way. i’ve always been okay with a little indulgence here any there. maybe the word BALANCE would be more appropriate. but i swear, if i eat another piece of pizza, see another piece of sees candy,  have another contractor bring me a cake, i’m going to burst into diabetes. i feel like im getting winded by just riding the elevator up to our suite, when all i’m doing is standing still.

i have moved passed the feeling of extreme body hatred, to sitting pretty with just being healthy. i can’t say i’ve been totally vegan, but have consistently found myself falling back into the groove of zero animal products when cooking for myself. actually, i haven’t been completely healthy either, but as i said before…a little indulgence works. i am human after all.

i haven’t quite brought myself back to the mindset of eating meat. i just…can’t. i’ve totally conditioned myself to not wanting it, at all. i don’t miss it, and don’t crave it. so i would imagine i’m in the clear. i can’t say i’ll never eat it again; that’s the beautiful thing of a “diet”, you can change it to fit you. you eat food, eat what you like, healthy. and that’s what’s important.

so while i attempt to finish this plate of brussel sprouts, and wash it down with a beautiful merlot i was so graciously gifted, i am going to remind myself that i do my best. i am no where near perfect. but i feel good, and that’s what’s important.

so while i float in between a vegan, vegetarian, i don’t even know, cloud………i’m totally going to eat some ice cream from 7-11. #budgetbabe

love x,

skinny ginger


nightly wine. not to be confused with whine.

it’s friday night and i have a totally empty apartment. seriously. this does not happen. all bets are off tonight. i’m drinking wine from the bottle, and eating pasta. and by eating, i mean scarfing down my (second) heaping bowl of pasta. i’m also decorating. woooo party animal!
photo 2
so tonight, i was walking into CVS to buy some red wine (winning, i know. #dontjudge) and this man turns around and practically yells at me “you’re dangerous!” i stopped dead in my tracks. i am not good with this type of thing. i am the most awkward creature on the planet when people approach me, talk to me, anything really. ha.  not to mention, i was soaked. it is still raining in san diego, and i happened to be walking out of a target when the downpour started, awesome. he continues with “a redhead with striking eyes, and beautiful hair!” still yelling at me, sir. “just gorgeous, just perfect. dangerous!” finally, i found my words and said thank you and practically ran the opposite way. oh, and the cashier told me after that his wife was standing at the checkout while he was yelling at me. great.
why am i so awkward?
so, yelling mystery man, thank you for yelling your compliment AT me, with your wife paying for your whatevers, and while i tried to covertly run into a CVS on my raging friday night for some seriously delish $7.19 wine. i just want to drink all the wine. all the time.
photo (3)
anyway. i got slapped with a dose of reality tonight. i decided to go christmas shopping tonight in hopes of finishing it by christmas this year (hence the wine craving) but cut it short because i was just so stoked to get home knowing it was empty and knowing i could watch my crap reality tv — aka real housewives of somewhere — with no judgment. don’t get me wrong, i love my lively apartment, noise, sport, etc. but sometimes a girl’s gotta have a little me time.
i pour my wine, heat up another bowl of this junk, wash off my face mask, and sit down to turn on my bad reality tv but subconsciously turn on sportscenter. stare at the tv. stare at the remote. look around thinking someone is playing a joke on me and realize, i turned it on. after all of my daydreaming all day about what episode of real housewives i was going to watch, i turn on ESPN. it’s still on, by the way. and i’m enjoying it.
and now, after finishing this wine, i’m craving for someone to run out of their room and ask me questions on how to spell things, and if there’s a Clippers game on.
if you can’t beat em, join em right? happy holidays lovelies xx
(post about my lively apartment coming soon. post also about fitness/health which this should be about, coming soon. MORE COMING SOON DAMMIT)
photo 1
love x,
skinny (drunk?) ginger.

when life gives you lemons.

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i violated rule number one, fell into temptation, couldn’t resist, the cardinal sin, the fail of all fails. yep. i cheated.

i ate a piece of cake, that wasn’t even remotely close to being vegan. like in order to make it vegan, it would have been stripped of all it’s creamy, fluffy, sugary, milky, cakey goodness that it was and it would have been left as a pile of weird…flour. not even flour…dust.


hello, my name is hypocrite. nice to meet you.

i’ve talked about my vegan-ness here and again there and all of the recipes right here are also vegan. and if you read through those posts, you’ll notice that my daydream was usually about pizza. so even i surprised myself with my inhumane, inhaling of this cake. and a quick apology to my coworkers who probably thought i turned into some beast as i snorted and shoveled food into my mouth. ugh.

i’m shaking my head in disappointment right now.

lemon cake is my jam. but. did it satisy me? nope. did it taste good? no! sub-par at best….do i want to eat it again? nah…this whole guilt thing is not the business. not to mention i’ve been on a work out binge and this is a slight set back in the “wanting to see results department”. my little moment of weakness puts me in between there and the “pants don’t fit ya” department.

stupid bastard lemon cake.

point of this is, you’re going to have ups and downs. and you’re going to eff up every now and again. but it’s what you do after that slip up, that really defines who you are and where you stand with your lifestyle. no one is perfect. we all have moments.

what did i do after my moment of weakness? well. to be honest. i had three more moments of weakness. don’t judge me.

maybe, when life gives you lemon cake, don’t eat it.

love x,

skinny ginger

be you.

i wanted to touch on a topic that sits pretty close to my heart.

i came across this short 3 and a half minute vid on facebook awhile back and it struck a cord:

“50 People Were Asked One Intimate Question. What Adults Say Made Me Sad. What Kids Say Made Me Smile.”

if you don’t want to watch, the interviewers ask adults if you could change one thing about your body, what would it be? all the adults respond with pretty “standard” body issues — big foreheads, stretchmarks, height, skin problems with acne, a crooked foot!!…, inadequacy. they then bring in these adorb kids and ask them the same question. the video shows the kids seriously thinking about their answer, and they say — mermaid tails, shark mouths, pointy ears, fast legs, flying…but the one thing that was the best answer was one girl who said, “there’s nothing to change!”

this strikes pretty hard with me because i have dealt with body image issues for the majority of my life and at the ripe age of 17, was diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder by my then psychologist. this is disorder is defined as “a psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with imaginary defects in their appearance.”

without getting too into it, mainly because i’m not ready to bare all to a slew of onliners, i was literally consumed with the desire to change my body. you know that photo in sex ed and general psych that most text books and professors will show their students where there’s a super thin girl looking in the mirror, and her reflection is this large woman with a sad expression? yeah, that was me. hey.

lets keep this short. my obsession that began the disorder? my skin/complexion and stomach. and let me tell you why…i was always the pale one (i’m a redhead, we tend to have pale skin), and my ribs STUCK OUT at the very bottom, thus making me think it appeared as though i had four boobs. i mean, whaaat? so i was so skinny that you could see the very bottom of my ribs protruding from my mid section, and i’m freakin 100% irish, can drink most guy friends under the damn table, and have pale skin and red hair. yes, i will steal your soul. but i hated it. the whole thing sort of spiraled until i was utterly disgusted with myself, saw a hippo for a girl in the mirror and very seriously researched laser liposuction when i was 22.

anyway. this all brings me to this point and what i immediately thought of when i watched the clip above, why are we asking ourselves what we’d want to change about our bodies/minds, shouldn’t we be asking what we LIKE about ourselves? well, because humans are naturally negative beings.

photo 1

preach! ^^^ you wouldn’t tell your friends they suck and need some serious changing, would you?

yes guys and dolls, we all suck. ha. we’re naturally negative. don’t believe me? check this, our brains use different hemispheres to process negative and positive information because negative emotions and happenings tend to create more thinking, a deeper thought process, and thirst for information about WHY. we replay negative events over and over in our minds, meddle on criticism, and typically use a more harsh vocabulary to describe something poorly compared to describing something pleasant. we typically remember negative events more easily than positive. need more proof or feeling extra nerdy? google professor baumeister’s study with negative childhood.

one time, i described a trip to disneyland and was recounting all the crap that happened (long lines, expensive, crowded) rather than being all like “YEAH! DISNEYLAND! Mickey Mouse! Roller coasters! WOOOOO”

photo 2

real talk, ladies. what got me through and allowed me to wipe my hands my mind of this destructive thought process, and rid of a disorder? the controlling of my mind. i had to understand where this negativity was coming from, and why i was being so hard on myself when i literally had no reason to be so cruel to myself. and you can, too.

a lesson after all of this jabber? take a moment to breathe and focus on the positive aspects of yourself. your striking baby blues, killer calf muscles, awesome hair color (can i get an amen fellow gingies???!) stop with the negative banter. it gets you a one way ticket on the pitty train, and ain’t no body got time for that. if you’re not happy with something, make the effort to change it the healthy way, and the sane way. cuz my ladies, we already have to cool our crazy jets and kill the stereotype that we’re all nuts.

be real. be true. be YOU. stop comparing yourselves, and be thankful for the body you have. you don’t get another one. so let me ask you, what do you love about your bodies?

love x,

skinny ginger

PS – who wouldn’t want a mermaid tail? i mean, hello, ariel anyone??!

breaky with the skinny ginger

soo, i’m not feeling too hot today. literally and figuratively — it’s raining in southern california for the first time in ages and apparently it’s taken a toll on my mood too. awesome.

but there’s still nothing that makes me feel quite like myself like a serious breakfast. it’s a known fact that women who eat breakfast weigh less than those who don’t. eating breakfast jump starts your metabolism and can assist in curbing cravings for sugary breakfast food and snacks throughout the day. it also feeds your brain and helps you stay focused first thing in the morning.

the below are three of my go-to breakfast ideas. not only are these vegan, but they’re EASY-sleazy, budget friendly, and perf for those babes on a serious time crunch in the mornings. (sorry bey, we don’t all wake up like dis)



número uno…oatmeal and fruit. this is a no brainer and no explanation needed with this. it takes literally 1.5 minutes to warm these suckers up. oatmeal is a fantastic way to satisfy early morning hunger and will keep you full for awhile. pay attention to the serving sizes, though. aint nobody got time to overload on carbs first thing in the AM. just grab whatever kind of fruit that tickles your taste buds and toss em on top. grab a hot coffee and away you go!



número dos…potato breakfast “scramble”. this came to life one morning when everyone else was eating eggs and i was sort of S.O.L on the lone vegan train. however, the only issue with this scrumptious bowl is that i could probably only make this if i prepped the night before, or on weekends. and let’s face it, the night before im not only busy with dinner but im busy drinking wine. you can use basically any veggie in your fridge that compliments each other and chuck it on top of quartered potatoes and you’re set. here, i minced jalepeno, onion, green pepper, mushrooms and added a ground beef meat substitute, heated up some baby potatoes and chopped them into quarters and topped with cholula and ground cayenne pepper. I like heat, remember? i haven’t really fussed about with many substitutes since my cheese fiasco, EW. but this ground beef sub from trader joes (aka holy grocery grail) is



last but not least is seriously the most simple idea ever in life and comes up ALL over vegan blogs. mashed avocado on toast and a strawberry banana smoothie. UM YUM. actually, this was my post workout, attempt at a pick-me-up meal this morning. i use ezekiel bread like most health enthused people do, toasted, and mash half an avo. the warmth from the toasted bread will help it spread into amazingness. you could top it with hummus or tomato, or peppers or zucchini,even lettuce or sprouts if you’re looking for a lunch fix. and for the smoothie? organic strawberries, organic bananas some organic OJ and almond milk for creaminess, and bam. donezo.

what are you’re favorite comfort foods when you’re feeling not-so-fab? how do you get your breaky game on? details please.

love x,
skinny ginger


PS. you should know, i am soo appreciative of you reading my blabbering. thank you, thank you, thank you xxx

working it out.

im having a bit of trouble writing this particular blog…mainly because i have totally fallen off the work out wagon, and most importantly because i’m eating an oreo.

currently lacking: motivation ~ currently needing: motivation ~ but, i’m making the change.

photo (1)

i’m a huge fitness nut, and obsess over that high you get from a solid work out. however, i haven’t done a thing in about a month and i am going. freaking. bonkers. i’ve simply lost all motivation to get my butt in gear. i just typed out a list of “reasons” why i haven’t been going but deleted them because they’re not reasons, they’re excuses. without a work out, i’m just not me.

lets talk facts–

every dietitian/trainer/health enthusiast will suggest that an adult get a least 30 minutes of activity in a day. we live such a sedentary lifestyle by working 9-5 behind a desk or a computer. we interact in such a different way with things like Skype, “live” video games, FaceTime, iChat, facebook (aka the devil), even blogs all which allow people to communicate with others without having to use one bit of energy. and what do we have now? and influx of diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and a higher death rate due to such. but gym’s are expensive and taunting to those who have never joined. not to mention “finding the time” to fit in a work out. do those excuses sound like someone you know, or even you? it might, because those reasons are two of the top “reasons” why people just don’t work out. but you have thirty minutes to scroll aimlessly through your facebook; thirty minutes to snap a selfie in perfect lighting for “likes” from people you’ll never know; thirty minutes to drive through mcdonalds for another hit of useless, empty calories. so why not take those thirty minutes, and use them to your advantage.

need some motivation? check it….here are some solid benefits from a work out.

(disclaimer: i am NOT a certified dietitian, or health and fitness coach. the below are simply examples to help motivate)

1. energy boost – this may seem strange, but it’s true. increasing your endurance, lung and cardiovascular capacity, and strength all have a direct positive correlation to energy. i promise you, even a walk around your block a few times a week will leave you feeling satisfied

2. increase in mood –  i mentioned loving the “high” from a work out above, and it’s true. exercise stimulates chemicals within your brain called endorphines  which makes you feel happy. it also stimulates areas of the brain that are used for memory which in turn, releases a chemical called brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). This basically helps rewire your brain so it WORKS BETTER. feeling foggy? yeah, go run.

3. increase in libido – exercise. see results. feel happy, confident, sexy. boom. thank me later.

4. weight control (no brainer) and helps ward off disease – i shouldn’t even have to give any examples with this one. the healthier (diet and exercise) you are, the less bod issues you’re going to have. period.

5. sleep and stress levels – this falls under the same category, especially for me. your body will crave recovery, which happens during sleep. additionally, the mood increase will decrease your stress level, thus, aiding in “turning off your head” when finally getting into bed for the night. not having my mind race at 2am? sold. this was huge for me. i struggled with sleep issues (staying asleep) for about two years until i started running and working out consistently. the relief didn’t happen over night, but i did notice a change in feeling more refreshed in a short while.

6. it’s fun – feeling lonely or bored? join a boot camp, sign up for pilates, yoga, or some type of group training.

so, all that said…i’m going to stop eating my oreos (later hypocrite) and lay out clothes for tomorrow’s work out. got any ideas to stay motivated with work outs? love to hear them, totes need them… thanks for your thirty minutes (ha) happy training, ya’ll

love x,

skinny ginger